Can Hemp, Marijuana and Mushrooms Fix Fukushima? Part 5: The Solution

Can Hemp, Marijuana and Mushrooms Fix Fukushima? Part 5: The SolutionCANNABIS CULTURE – Hemp, cannabis and mushrooms can be utilized to wash up and shield us from radioactive air pollution and nuclear disasters.

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Part 5 of this multi-article work seems to be on the shocking options to the rising nuclear menace to humankind.

The true economies of the nuclear business are by no means absolutely accounted for. The value of uranium enrichment is sponsored by the US authorities. The true value of the business’s legal responsibility within the case of an accident within the US is estimated to be $US 560 billion ($726 billion), however the business pays solely $US 9.1billion – ninety eight per cent of the insurance coverage legal responsibility is roofed by the US federal authorities. The value of decommissioning all the prevailing US nuclear reactors is estimated to be $US 33billion. These prices – plus the big expense concerned within the storage of radioactive waste for 1 / 4 of one million years – are usually not now included within the financial assessments of nuclear electrical energy.

– “Nuclear Energy is the Drawback, Not a Solution”, Dr. Helen Caldicott, April 15, 2005 (236)

We should always do every part in our energy to make all nuclear amenities protected and safe. We also needs to begin critically engaged on the manufacturing of the choice sources of power.

– Mikhail Gorbachev, 2006 (237)

Motion does not disappear. As soon as you’re taking a step, the subsequent step is made out of the earlier step. It takes you to the brand new place. Emotion takes your effort to recall however motion enables you to overlook your previous. Emotion by no means take you anyplace, you always remember you felt one thing, however you can’t keep in mind the style. You’re caught within the jail of the reminiscence. Emotion is the matter solely in your thoughts. Motion is the matter in actuality. Let your motion change your means.

– Mochizuki, Fukushima Diary (238)

I am waking up, I really feel it in my bones?Sufficient to make my methods blow?Welcome to the brand new age, to the brand new age?Welcome to the brand new age, to the brand new age?Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I am radioactive, radioactive?Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I am radioactive, radioactive

– “Radioactive” by the Think about Dragons, April 2012

Nuclear Energy’s Hidden Prices

Estimates of the price of cleansing up the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe are within the $250 to $300 billion vary. (239) Think about what number of renewable energy crops that might purchase. Lots of. Perhaps hundreds.

When evaluating the true value effectiveness of nuclear energy, one should concentrate on the hidden prices: analysis and improvement, direct subsidies, decommissioning prices and the potential clear-up prices.

Every Japanese nuclear energy plant prices the Japanese individuals about $238 million CAN per plant per yr in R&D (about $10.7 billion CAN per plant over forty five years for a grand complete of about $235 billion in R&D for all 22 of Japan’s nuclear reactors over forty five years), (240) about $26 million CAN per plant per yr in direct subsidies (about $1.17 billion complete per plant over forty five years, for a grand complete of $25.7 billion for all 22 reactors over forty five years), (241) $four hundred million to $1 billion US per plant decommissioning value (for a grand complete of $eight.eight billion to $22 billion to decommission all 22 reactors), (242) and potential injury cleanup prices of $25 to $one hundred fifty billion (or extra) CAN per catastrophe (243) – the overwhelming majority of such value taken on by taxpayers.

When all prices are factored in, the full subsidies over the course of forty five years for all 22 reactors is a staggering quantity – anyplace from $294.5 billion (235 + 25.7 + eight.eight + 25 billion) to $three.fifty eight trillion or extra (235 + 25.7 + 22 + three,300 billion) for all of Japan’s nuclear energy crops collectively, relying on what number of extra of them get hit with disasters, and how huge the disasters are.

To place this in perspective, the excessive-estimate value of cleansing up 5 Fukushima-like disasters is about the identical value to Germany of remodeling it is whole power grid to renewable power – round $750 billion. (244) These numbers are on par with the huge subsidies given to fossil fuels, instantly and within the prices of oil wars, oil spill clear-up and local weather change. These prices are additionally stated to be within the one hundred’s of billions, if not trillions. (245)

In contrast to nuclear energy and fossil fuels, the “clear-up” and “decommissioning” prices of renewable power is negligible. No one dies prematurely of some horrible renewable-power-associated most cancers. The soil surrounding renewable power crops can be utilized to develop meals. Each nuclear AND fossil gasoline subsidies ought to be reworked into renewable power subsidies. Now … what kind of renewable power energy crops might Japan get for $294.5 billion? Or $three.fifty eight trillion for that matter? 

Buying Round For Totally different Power Techniques

Small photo voltaic, wind, micro-hydro or geothermal power methods designed for particular person houses can run between about $10 and $50 thousand every. That, mixed with power conservation practices, can provide power to between 6 to 30 million households for $300 billion, or 60 to 300 million households for $three trillion. Japan’s complete inhabitants is just 127 million. The photo voltaic methods, for instance, are anticipated to pay for themselves in three to 14 years, and final 25 to 30 years. (246) Whereas costlier over-all than mega-tasks, the mini-tasks have the added bonus of being revenue-turbines for the hundreds of thousands of householders.

On the opposite finish of the dimensions scale, the world’s largest solar energy undertaking – the Agua Caliente Photo voltaic Challenge – will take about four years to finish (it is going to be accomplished a while in 2014), prices 1.eight billion dollars to make and will provide a most capability of 397 megawatts (397 million watts) at one time – or over 626 gigawatts (626 billion watts) per yr. (247) The common US residence makes use of about eleven thousand kilowatts per yr, (248) Which suggests, for 1.eight billion, one main photo voltaic undertaking can provide energy to just about fifty seven million houses. 300 billion can present for 166 main photo voltaic tasks – energy to 9.5 billion houses. At this level it must be identified that there aren’t even 9.5 billion individuals – not to mention 9.5 billion houses – on planet earth.

Simply barely much less superb is wind energy. The largest wind farm on the planet is the Alta Wind Power Middle. It is forecasted annual era is between 306 and 552 gigawatts, (249) and it is price ticket is about 1.eighty five billion dollars, and it is taken about three years to construct – development started in 2010. (250)

Much less large however nonetheless a lot cleaner and safer than nuclear power and fossil fuels is geothermal. The largest geothermal energy plant on the earth is The Geysers. Inbuilt 1960, it served 1.eight million individuals with energy again in 1987, and at present serves 1.1 million individuals with energy. (251) Some geothermal operations, such because the Svartsengi Energy Station in Iceland, additionally supplies an enormous heated pool – the “Blue Lagoon” – to wash and swim in. (252)

The world’s largest wave farm is being constructed off the coast of Scotland, at a price of £four million ($6.34 million CDN). (253) As soon as accomplished, it ought to be large enough to energy 30,000 houses annually. (254) The benefit to wave energy is that it is situated close to most people on earth (who reside close to the coast) and it is fixed – the solar does not all the time shine, the wind does not all the time blow, however waves hit the shore 24/7/365, because of the moon. $300 billion buys forty seven,318 large wave farms – sufficient to energy almost 1.forty two billion houses. $three trillion buys over 473 thousand wave farms – sufficient to energy over 14 billion houses.

Tank Goodness For Hemp Ethanol

Photo voltaic, wind, geothermal and wave are superb for feeding power grids, however what ought to we be operating our automobiles on? And what else in addition to wave power can present power 24/7/365 whatever the climate? The least expensive supply of power to switch oil and fuel with – one which solely requires a $270 to $seven hundred greenback conversion package to modify any fuel powered automotive over (255) – is the change to cellulosic ethanol. For simply $200 million, a facility may be made that produces 30 million gallons per yr of cellulosic ethanol. (256) The US presently consumes about 134 billion gallons of fuel per yr. (257) For $300 billion, one might afford to make 1500 cellulosic ethanol crops, producing a grand complete of forty five billion gallons of ethanol. For $three trillion, one might afford to make 15,000 crops producing 450 billion gallons.

As luck would have it, the perfect supply of cellulose from an power crop is … industrial hemp.


1) does not want as a lot fertilizer or water as corn, switchgrass or different power crops

2) does not require the costly drying required of corn and sugar cane

three) might be grown the place different power crops cannot

four) is extra immune to “hostile fall climate” than different crops and

5) has lengthy been recognized to be the bottom-moisture highest-cellulose crop – hemp stalks being “over seventy five% cellulose” in accordance with a 1929 paper from Schafer and Simmonds, with extra conservative estimates indicating fifty three-seventy four% of the bark being cellulose.

In accordance with the Stanford Analysis Institute and the Hawaii Pure Power Institute, it’s woody, low-moisture herbaceous crops that make one of the best biomass for liquid fuels. Hemp is each a low moisture herbaceous and a woody plant. (258)

Moreover, hemp ethanol would get rid of

1) oil wars (hemp can develop in sand, thus in almost each nation on earth), (259)

2) oil spills (a hemp ethanol spill would simply evaporate), (260) and

three) local weather destabilization (hemp acts as a carbon sink – reversing the greenhouse impact) (261) – this may clear up three of the most important issues we face as a species.

Think about The Financial savings

Consider what we might do with the cash we save! Simply add up the price of the 2 largest present oil wars (Afghanistan and Iraq): $1.5 trillion, (262) the price of cleansing up a few huge oil spills: $eighty billion, (263) and the prices of coping with local weather destabilization – a mean of $20 billion or so per yr for annually between 2020 and 2050 – or roughly $600 billion complete for Canada. (264) The US being 10 occasions greater, one might anticipate the prices to be ten occasions higher, or $6 trillion dollars over a 30-yr interval.

So we take that $eight-or-so trillion of future cash wasted on the fossil gasoline industries and add it to the $three-or-so trillion from the over-all nuclear energy-associated prices together with the price of cleansing up a attainable future two dozen “degree 7″ nuclear energy plant disasters in earthquake-susceptible Japan, and as an alternative of doing all that we as an alternative spend the $eleven trillion on photo voltaic, wind, geothermal, wave and hemp ethanol, we might be doing alright as a species.

I daresay we might remedy our power drawback three occasions over. These are removed from onerous numbers, however I feel I made my level.

However that is simply the power drawback. We nonetheless have all this radiation air pollution mendacity round in all places. What are we to do about that? Hemp and mushrooms, that is what!

Cleansing Up The Soil Part 1 – Hemp

In accordance with specialists within the field, hemp is “top-of-the-line” crops for “phytoremediation” – utilizing crops to wash up poisonous air pollution in soil. (265) Hemp was one of many crops used to assist clear up Chernobyl. (266) Analysis ought to be targeted on discovering a method to develop a hemp crop to create ethanol and clear the soil on the similar time. In the future, the radioactive metals might be separated from the gasoline, and farmers will clear the soil whereas making a revenue with free-from-radiation gasoline crops. That is already being mentioned as a risk, however thus far the writer has not seen the know-how manifest into actuality. (267) Sunflowers, field mustard, amaranthus and cockscomb are different crops good for phytoremediation. (268)

Cleansing Up The Soil Part 2 – Fungi

An alternative choice for soil remediation is fungi – or “mycoremediation”. The world’s main professional on the topic – Paul Stamets – got here up with this eight-level plan to answer the Fukushima catastrophe:

1) Evacuate the area across the reactors. 

2) Set up a excessive-degree, diversified remediation workforce together with foresters, mycologists, nuclear and radiation specialists, authorities officers, and residents. 

three) Set up a fenced off Nuclear Forest Restoration Zone. 

four) Chip the wooden particles from the destroyed buildings and timber and unfold all through areas affected by excessive ranges of radioactive contamination.  

5) Mulch the panorama with the chipped wooden particles to a minimal depth of 12 – 24 inches. 

6) Plant native deciduous and conifer timber, together with hyper-accumulating mycorrhizal mushrooms, notably Gomphidius glutinosus, Craterellus tubaeformis, and Laccaria amethystina (all native to pines). G. glutinosus has been reported to soak up – by way of the mycelium – and focus radioactive Cesium 137 greater than 10,000-fold over ambient background ranges. Many different mycorrhizal mushroom species additionally hyper-accumulate.  

7) Wait till mushrooms type and then harvest them underneath Radioactive HAZMAT protocols. 

eight)  Constantly take away the mushrooms, which have now concentrated the radioactivity, notably Cesium 137, to an incinerator. Burning the mushroom will end in radioactive ash. This ash might be additional refined and the ensuing concentrates vitrified (positioned into glass) or saved utilizing different state-of-the-artwork storage applied sciences.” (269)

Will this work? Who is aware of? It appears to be much more affordable than what the Japanese are at present doing with the radioactive air pollution.

The Matter Of Most cancers

As soon as we have begun to switch nuclear energy and clear the soil, we’ll nonetheless need to survive all of the radiation that’s presently floating round in our surroundings. Because it seems, most of the medicinal parts in cannabis are a number of the only anti-most cancers brokers recognized. In accordance with analysis finished by Rob Callaway in a but to be revealed work, cannabis has been discovered to be efficient in wide selection of cancers;

A number of animal and preclinical research, in addition to a couple of case and/or pilot research strongly recommend that cannabinoids are most cancers preventing brokers for a variety of cancers, together with breast carcinoma (Cafferal et al., 2010; Cafferal, Sarrió, Palacios, Guzmán, & Sánchez, 2006; De Petrocellis et al., 1998; Ligresti et al., 2006; McAllister, Christian, Horowitz, Garcia, & Desprez, 2007), prostate most cancers (Mimeault, Pommery, Wattez, Bailly, & Hénichart, 2003; Ruiz, Miguel, & Diaz-Laviada, 1999; Sarfaraz, Afaq, Adhami, & Muhktar, 2005), pancreatic adenocarcinoma (Carracedo et al., 2006; Michalski et al., 2008), colorectal carcinoma (Patsos et al., 2005), pores and skin carcinoma (Casanova et al., 2003), neuroblastoma (Guzmán, 2003), lung carcinoma (Guzmán, 2003; Preet, Ganju, & Groopman, 2008), uterus carcinoma (Guzmán, 2003), oral most cancers (Whyte et al., 2010), cervical carcinoma (Ramer & Hinz, 2008), lymphoma (Gustafsson, Christensson, Sander, & Flygare, 2006; Gustafsson et al., 2008), gliomas (Blázquez et al., 2003; Blázquez et al., 2004; Galve-Roperh et al., 2000; Guzmán et al., 2006; Massi et al., 2004; Sánchez, Galve-Roperh, Canova, Brachet, & Guzmán, 1998), leukemia cells (Jia et al., 2006; Powles et al., 2005), and biliary tract cancers (Leelawat, Leelawat, Narong, & Matangkasombut, 2010). In reality, the proof overwhelmingly demonstrates that the cannabinoids have anticancer properties, with lots of of peer-reviewed research so far demonstrating these results (see for an inventory of over 800 peer-reviewed cannabis and most cancers references). (270)

Callaway additionally factors out that, resulting from strain from elite teams, human research of cannabis as a remedy for most cancers have been stored to a minimal. Studies of efficient remedy of most cancers with cannabis have been principally confined to anecdotes from medical marijuana activists and their clients. (271) However extra and extra docs are talking out towards the widespread apply of ignoring anecdotal proof in favor of ready on research which might be by no means given the go-forward.

One physician just lately said;

… it isn’t affordable to recommend that the observations of docs and sufferers are much less dependable than medical trial proof. (272)

One other said;

… the medical career tends to discard out of hand, and disparagingly, ‘anecdotal’ info. Digitalis, morphine, atropine, and the like are chemical derivatives that stem from anecdotal folklore cures. In any case, one anecdote could also be a fable, however 1,000 anecdotes could be a bibliography. … An important perform of the medical career is to sift the anecdotes and submit them, if potential, to scientific analysis. However it all begins as anecdote. (273)

And yet one more said:

“As Louis Lasangna, M.D., has identified, managed experiments weren’t wanted to acknowledge the therapeutic potential of chloral hydrate, barbiturates, aspirin, curare, insulin or penicillin. He asks why regulators at the moment are prepared to simply accept the experiences of physicians and sufferers as proof of opposed results however not as proof of therapeutic results. (274)

Even the US Federal Authorities has taken observe of the anecdotal proof. Their Nationwide Most cancers Institute reported that cannabis is an efficient remedy for some kinds of cancers. (275) This seems to be a change from earlier years, when the NCI was reluctant to confess what they apparently knew about cannabis’s anti-tumor results. (276)

Previous Faculty Greed

Even the US Patent workplace has granted a patent to GW Prescription drugs – enterprise companions with Bayer – for phytocannabinoids within the remedy of most cancers. (277) It is a particular sort of greed that may patent a pure, develop-it-in-your-yard but-nonetheless-illegal remedy for most cancers. This sort of greed harkens again to the time of James the First of England, when patents have been granted for all types of widespread issues – like salt, for instance. Because of the predictable uproar, King James needed to revoke all of the “discovery-sort” patents and restrict patents for “tasks of latest invention” solely. (278) If solely that restrict had remained.

Each of probably the most properly-recognized and properly-studied cannabinoids, THC (279) and CBD (280), are concerned within the shrinking of tumors, in addition to a few of the “terpenes” or “risky oils” present in cannabis corresponding to myrcene and pinene. (281)

Different Useful Results

Hashish additionally supplies an anti-nauseant or “anti-emetic” impact (282) that helps these present process chemotherapy to take care of a extra regular existence, in addition to an urge for food-stimulation impact – “the munchies” – important for surviving each typical and various most cancers remedies. (283) A superb movie as regards to how helpful cannabis may be to deal with most cancers, What if Hashish Cured Most cancers, is now on-line. (284)

There are additionally indications that sure herbs, (285) mushrooms, (286) and greens (287) are helpful within the battle towards most cancers.

And the primary meals to assist within the combating of most cancers? Hemp seed. It’s the important fatty acids present in hemp seed that give it the particular therapeutic powers that units it aside from all different meals;

Hemp seed oil’s distinctive concentrations of EFAs (important fatty acids) are what make it so particular. In idea, this oil might present all of our EFA requirements for all times. Important fatty acids are the omega fat that can’t be produced by the physique and have to be ingested. They’re recognized for his or her position in stopping coronary heart illness, hypertension, excessive ldl cholesterol, most cancers, arthritis and far more. The seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Johana Budwig, a pioneer of EFA analysis, reported success in treating coronary heart infraction, arthritis, most cancers, and different widespread illnesses with large doses of EFAs. (288)

Fungi Once more

Because it seems, mushrooms – even magic mushrooms – are additionally being checked out for numerous types of anti-most cancers remedy. Psilocybin, from Psilocybe mushrooms, is being investigated as a remedy for the melancholy that accompanies most cancers remedy. (289) The well-known purple with white spots hallucinogenic mushroom Amanita Muscaria has a status as a people drugs to deal with most cancers with. (290) Even the toxic Amanita phalloides – or “demise cap” mushroom – is being investigated as a possible remedy for most cancers. (291)

By criminalizing naturally-occurring poisons, we danger dropping our probability to rework them into medicines. As Casanova correctly identified; “In clever palms poison is drugs. In silly arms drugs is poison.”

Can Hemp, Marijuana and Mushrooms Fix Fukushima? Part 5: The Solution

Methods to Save The Future

There’s been a quantum leap technologically in our age, however until there’s one other quantum leap in human relations, until we study to stay in a brand new method in the direction of each other, there can be a disaster.

– Albert Einstein

On this world there’s room for everybody. And the great earth is wealthy and can present for everybody. The lifestyle could be free and lovely, however we have now misplaced the best way. Greed has poisoned males’s souls …

– Charles Chaplain, The Nice Dictator, 1940 (292)

Once we take a look at trendy man, we now have to face the very fact … that trendy man suffers from a type of poverty of the spirit, which stands in obvious distinction to his scientific and technological abundance; We have discovered to fly the air like birds, we have discovered to swim the seas like fish, and but we’ve not discovered to stroll the Earth as brothers and sisters …

– Martin Luther King Jr.

The driving pressure of recent industrial civilization has been particular person materials achieve, which is accepted as official, even praiseworthy, on the grounds that non-public vices yield public advantages, within the basic formulation. Now, it has lengthy been understood, very properly, that a society that’s based mostly on this precept will destroy itself in time. It will possibly solely persist, with no matter struggling and injustice that it entails, so long as it’s potential to fake that the damaging forces that people create are restricted, that the world is an infinite useful resource, and that the world is an infinite rubbish can. At this stage of historical past both of two issues is feasible. Both the overall inhabitants will take management of its personal future and will concern itself with group pursuits, guided by values of solidarity, sympathy and concern for others, or alternatively there can be no future for anybody to regulate.

- Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, 1992

I’ve gathered interviews from the bottom up. From Tsunami refugee denied meals and help, to Authorities Officers, to even TEPCO. This similar Paperwork is the one which retains us from renewable power and peace on earth. This documentary isn’t just for Japan, it’s for the world, as a result of if we don’t make change, we won’t have one.”

– Chris Noland (293)

Extinction-Degree Greed

It is that very particular sort of greed – a greed that may be a trendy-day variation of the “let’s patent salt” greed, let’s name it “monopoly capitalism” for lack of a greater time period – that places everybody’s life in danger. Everybody on earth. Everybody together with the monopoly capitalists, and their youngsters and grandchildren. It manifests into slavery and struggle profiteering and almost each giant-scale evil on the earth.

It has grown greater and extra harmful all through historical past. It resulted in a collection of acts by the English Parliament that tried to make the American colonies artificially depending on England for items; an try that backfired into the American Revolution. (294) It resulted in an try by England to monopolize the sale of salt in India, which once more backfired into independence for India. (295)

It resulted within the Flexner Report shutting down the natural drugs faculties, (296) in hemp being outlawed in North America, (297) within the trolley (298) and electrical automotive (299) being killed, in herbs not often being coated underneath public healthcare packages or medical insurance, (300) in some individuals making an attempt to arrange a marijuana monopoly at present (301) and within the purple tape surrounding the rising of commercial hemp whereas large subsidies go to grease, fuel and nuclear power. (302)

It isn’t the voice of the individuals saying “how can I make an honest dwelling? How can I feed my household and put my youngsters via faculty?”; fairly, it is the voice of absolute greed saying “how can I make all the cash. How can I make a killing?”

Oh how I want the greed of at the moment – the present taste of greed that has the rulers of the world tightly in it is grip – would backfire into a worldwide revolution that turns the political system of each nation into a mix of Switzerland’s and Nunavut’s, the place the complete planet might apply direct democracy and consensus determination-making by means of proportionally-elected representatives whereas on the similar time limiting the facility of (and rendering extra accountable) the captains of business that hold fucking up the setting and beginning wars over and over and over once more.

one hundred years in the past it was simply the danger of hunger and dying in wars (wars that have been themselves efforts to take over land and assets whereas promoting weapons, gasoline and different struggle-supplies at marked-up costs) that put all our lives in danger. However right now’s greed has additionally manifested in varieties of air pollution – radiation, oil spills, greenhouse gasses, and so forth. – that put our very lives in danger no matter the place we reside or what we do for a dwelling.

Until we discover the braveness to switch monopoly capitalism with some type of enhanced cooperation and concord, until we substitute the race to the end line with an effort to get everybody over the end line, we’ll find yourself dying out as a species. Dying of our personal hubris, brief sightedness and greed.

Easy Changes

The modifications we have to make are comparatively easy. First off, we should finish the division between “medical” and “leisure” cannabis customers. Given the information that

1) cannabis can banish melancholy, take away stress and shrink tumors and

2) there’s a variety of annoying and/or miserable conditions everybody should navigate and loads of radiation floating round on this world, I feel we will safely say that cannabis is a preventive natural drugs for everybody – those that are sick, and those that want to stay wholesome. Each consumer is a medical consumer – some simply use it for preventive drugs. Everyone seems to be legit – physician’s notice or not.

Furthermore, we should change over from the artificial methods to the pure ones, from non-renewable to renewable power. We should analysis pure strategies of cleansing up our messes and making use of these strategies to the place we made our nuclear errors. We should spend money on issues that may’t (or should not) be patented – comparable to cannabis medicines, renewable energies, public transportation, bioremediation of the soil – however which may nonetheless be one of the best answer for most cancers and radiation illness. We should develop hemp and mushrooms in all places, with out all of the purple tape of the present hemp paperwork and hemp seed monopoly, to wash the soil and to convey the worth down on hemp ethanol and hemp meals.

This can be achieved by educating the inhabitants of the world as to some great benefits of making such modifications. It can additionally take switching over from an financial system that rewards people who amass nice wealth regardless of irresponsible and horrific conduct, to at least one which rewards people who amass nice reputations from contributing good issues to society no matter private wealth.

We have to, in MLK Jr.’s phrases, study to “stroll the Earth as brothers and sisters”, to really share financial and political energy fairly than to fake to share these powers whereas persevering with to stay as rulers and livestock. It looks like the one means the human race will survive.

Maybe the development of authorized leisure marijuana will create little pockets of self-reflection, enterprise individuals from Japan or New York taking a vacation to Colorado or Washington State, getting excessive in a pot cafe for the primary time because of the full lack of stigma, and re-considering their complete lives.

Perhaps the epiphanies required to evolve spiritually can be discovered, in Shakespeare’s phrases (303), in a “famous weed” which incorporates the “invention” of latest methods of relating to at least one-one other. Maybe this famous weed might be unfold all over the world by activists who will guarantee it’s simply accessible to all individuals.

Perhaps this mild drug-peace revolution would be the last straw for the spirit of brief-time period myopic self-curiosity that has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. I definitely hope so. The world is lengthy overdue for an additional “again-hearth”. We’d like that “quantum leap in human relations” and we’d like it proper now.


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